• Coming soon

    Operadagen Rotterdam is treating the public to ten days of opera from 20 through 29 May 2016. Keep in touch for new blogs about the performances.

  • Intensive weekends

    Raindrops - hale - sunshine - wind - snow? - we are inside, working on Love Songs.

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  • What is Nieuwe stemmen?

    Nieuwe stemmen is the new young artist program of Operadagen Rotterdam, in cooperation with De Wonderkamer music-theater company.

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  • First 3 productions Operadagen 2013 announced

    Operadagen Rotterdam presents a series of contemporary music theatre productions as well as a fringe programme with many more intimate shows on unexpected locations throughout the city of Rotterdam.

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  • Mevlâna composer tells about the performance

    American composer Michael Ellison probes the life of 13th century poet and thinker Jelaladin Rumi (Mevlâna) and his transformation from ordinary cleric to inspired mystic.

    "Working together is like sculpting the contour and dimensions of this voice. This part is one of several elements that will make this performance really unique, because without Shams and the challenges he throws at Mevlana there would be no mystic awakening of Mevlâna."

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  • Review try-out Distant Voices

    Renato Proper wrote a blog about the try-out of Distant Voices.

    "This must have been a wet dream for the producers: wonderful voices, technology and locations to create grand (or very small) performances."

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  • Mirror, mirror...

    Designer Frans van der Horst discusses his playful confrontation-installations on beauty and self-image. Exhibited on Schouwburgplein and other outdoor locations!

    "The theme of this year's Operadagen Rotterdam, 'Dream & Act', inspired me to create this installation"

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  • Story behind the campaign image

    Joana Mühlenbrock, creative director at Fabrique Delft, explains how this year's campaign image for Operadagen 2012 was created.

    "What is the story behind the campaign image?" Together with photographer Corriette Schoenarts, we at Fabrique wanted to create an image that would attract attention and seduce the audience. It's an image that – if you look more closely – will raise questions and allows everyone to make up their own story."

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  • Opera at Home

    Blogger Marieke Muller writes about her 'Opera at Home' concert in 2011. 

    "The theme of this year's concert was 'forgotten musical treasures'. One of the really nice things about these house concerts is that you can choose from various types of music or you can choose to be surprised — and that is what we did." 

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  • Kirchschlager

    Blogger Meng Li writes about his first opera concert in 2011. 

    "The hairs on the back of my neck bristle. What volume, what purity, what round and full sound! What I had first thought was going to be a boring concert for pensioners has suddenly turned into a real feast for the ear. Schubert brings depth with splendid music and words. Mahler masterfully blends music with folk poetry." 

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