What is Nieuwe stemmen?

Nieuwe stemmen is the new young artist program of Operadagen Rotterdam, in cooperation with De Wonderkamer music-theater company.

Eight months ago auditions were held in the Netherlands for seven talented young artists, of diverse musical backgrounds, to participate in this new program. The idea was to assemble a group not based on any one quality (voice, physique, dramatic qualities), but rather on the combination of all these, and to present them with the opportunity to create their own individual works of music-theater, as well as to participate in a new production that expands the boundaries of opera/theater/dance.

The final group includes artists from six different countries, varied backgrounds, 4 women, and 3 men. Each is currently in the final stages of working on their own music-theater piece that will be presented in five performances the week prior to the start of Operadagen Rotterdam. At the same time we are together creating a new piece using the Love Songs of Claude Vivier, an deeply compelling work written in 1977 for seven unaccompanied voices. You can read about each of the artists and their projects by clicking on the links on the right. In the coming days each will be posting entries here about themselves, their projects, and the experience of creating Love Songs as a true ensemble.

image of Timothy  Nelson

by: Timothy Nelson

Artistic Director and composer. NelsonĀ has directed over 60 productions of opera and theater.