Intensive weekends

Raindrops - hale - sunshine - wind - snow? - we are inside, working on Love Songs.

If someone would take a look at our music scores, I think he or she would just stare into a paper full of sketches, small words, arrows, blue marks, red marks, green dots, words like "flashlight on", "hopskotch", "paddycake" and have NO IDEA whatsoever what this all means. But for us all is clear - each word, each sign, each arrow is very clear because by starting from zero and building towards what it is now, we have all been involved in the process. Now we could say the show is a live being, it breathes and it has a heartbeat.

I love how we meet in the morning and share what happened to us during time we didn't see each other. I love Aleksandra's stories of her Mushka - finally she has a dog! And Uros always running to a concert when we're done - always with some "snoepjes" in his bag. Ella loves to tell us about funny videos or movie scenes and I should have written down all Tim's quotes inspired by the moment. Anastasia always mysteriously disappears during the lunch break - I wonder what she does. Mark once showed up as a blondie - I wish he kept that. And Farman had a huge jet lag arriving from Indonesia - he almost fell asleep while sitting at the table. Me? I am the newcomer who feels she has been there since Day 1.

We rehearse and all these stories connect to one - we become Love Songs. And as I leave I always have one thing in my head.... "ba-bouch-kaaaa, ba-bou-ba-bouch-kaaa"


The cycle of Love, Life and Death.

"Such a romantic poetry" I heard after singing this cycle for my friend. It's true - it's so romantic it hurts. It is as sweet as honey, as bright as sunlight or the brightest star in the deepest heavens but as painful as a paper cut.

Frauenliebe und Leben by Robert Schumann is my favourite song cycle and I am excited to be working on it. I am a fan of romantic stories and I love to watch period drama movies and TV series. I use those stories to build up the character of the woman whose life and love is interlaced in this beautiful song cycle.

This woman's story develops from first teenager-like crush on a man she adores so much she is willing to praise even if he does not choose her, to extreme happiness when he does, to being his bride, leaving her sisters' nest, becoming a wife, a mother and is finally crushed by her true love's death. It is such a tragic ending that each time I sing the last song tears come to my eyes.

The story "Chronicle of a Death Foretold" interlaces the cycle in a special way - it almost seems that the woman from the cycle could be Lisa - the woman dying of cancer. The expectation of her death and what follows after she dies, memories of how someone learns about death for the first time and learns to accept it, how it effects his life and lives of others in different ways... It is like telling the story of the cycle backwards.

image of   Vida Matičič

by: Vida Matičič