Mirror, mirror...

Designer Frans van der Horst discusses his playful confrontation-installations on beauty and self-image. Exhibited on Schouwburgplein and other outdoor locations!

"The theme of this year's Operadagen Rotterdam, 'Dream & Act', inspired me to create this installation"

Schouwburgplein transformes into a theme park
The theme of this year's Operadagen Rotterdam, 'Dream & Act', inspired me to create this installation. Particularly the aspect of "the playful and dark side of our world of dreams" and our eternal single-minded struggle for recognition of a beauty ideal reflected in the way we interact with others. Secondly, it is my response to the haunted house in the opera 'Het Spookhuis der Geschiedenis' (The Haunted House of History) which will transform Schouwburgplein into a theme park.

Be confronted
The Spiegelcabine ("show me myself!"), literally 'mirror cabin', is an oval room based on the archetypical shape of a mirror and the shape of our face. The cabin is divided into two parts and can be entered from both sides. The people entering this room will be confronted with themselves, but need each other to achieve this.

A good work-out is rewarded!
The mirror cabin on Schouwburgplein will be surrounded by Fitmobielen (Keep Fit Mobiles). This primitive 'act' equipment reminds us of playgrounds from the past and the passers-by are seduced to have a go and 'work on themselves'. By doing so they are confronted with themselves, the others and the spectators. A good work-out is rewarded with a dream. These Keep Fit Mobiles will be placed throughout the city centre during Operadagen Rotterdam and mark the various performance locations. 

image of Frans van der Horst

by: Frans van der Horst

Frans van der Horst is designer and creates meeting installations for the public space. He studied Theatre Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Social Geography of Developing Countries at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. Frans made the installations HangHangers for the Operadagen Rotterdam 2011.


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