First 3 productions Operadagen 2013 announced

Operadagen Rotterdam presents a series of contemporary music theatre productions as well as a fringe programme with many more intimate shows on unexpected locations throughout the city of Rotterdam.

Songs of War

Songs of War is a theatrical concert with soloists Dietrich Henschel and Claron McFadden, music by Claudio Monteverdi and Heiner Goebbels, performed by Ensemble Baroque B'Rock (Ghent). Songs of War I Have Seen created by Goebbels is an indictment of the absurdity of violence and extremism. Both old and new instruments are used for this concert. The war madrigal di Tancredi e Clorinda Il Combattimento of Claudio Monteverdi shows the tragedy of war. Crusader Tancredi kills without realizing it - dressed as a warrior - his beloved Clorinda.
Production: Muziektheater Transparant, B'Rock and I Solisiti del Vento
Coproduction: Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Gent and Herrenhausen Festival Hannover 

Katia Kabanova

Operadagen Rotterdam is proud to host the Dutch premiere of the chamber version of the opera by Leoš Janáčeks opera Katia Kabanova by Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord. The performances in Rotterdam are the first of the European tour. In France Katia Kabanova received the Grand Prix by the Syndicat de la Critique. So in love with life but unable to break the social straitjacket that detains her. Katia Kabanova is a bird in a cage who dreams of spreading its wings to finally enjoy freedom. After an arranged marriage to a man without character, the seductive Katia is subjected to her mother-inlaw who runs her household with an iron hand. Succumbed to the advances of a suitor she chooses suicide rather than suffer the stigma of the adulterous woman who must flee to rebuild her life.
Production: Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord

Moby Dick

Moby Dick is one of the main productions of the 2013 edition of Operadagen Rotterdam. The author Herman Melville teaches us that there are three kinds of men on earth. Those who fear the sea, those who are on the sea as long as they keep sight of the coast and those who can bare the sea without seeing something on the far horizon. In Moby Dick men enlist to go whaling. But on the open sea Captain Ahab reveals the real purpose of the trip: the revenge on the legendary white whale Moby Dick, who at an earlier encounter has bitten off his leg. For years Ahab chases his men to find Moby Dick. Through storm and rain across the seven seas they chase it like a white shadow that causes them fear but what they also desire as they can go home when they have slain Moby Dick. Director Paul Koek and writer Peter Verhelst are fascinated by the courage of the crew sailing for years without a single port and with nothing to stay in the matter, by their confidence they give evidence that their future will be blessed, by the force of their deepest desires, without disillusionment. In collaboration with the band TRACK and Schauspielhaus Bochum zooming Paul Koek and Peter Verhelst in the hope and confidence of the people in this desolate environment, and how everything from their deepest fears to their most ardent desire, concentrates in the mythical, white whale Moby Dick.
Production: Veenfabriek Coproduction with: Schauspielhaus Bochum