Anonymous4 to make 2015-16 it's Final Season

After nearly 30 years of international touring and over 20 recordings on the harmonia mundi label, Anonymous4 will make the 2015-16 season its last. Singers Ruth Cunningham, Marsha Genensky, Susan Hellauer, and Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, as well as founding member Johanna Maria Rose, will continue individual pursuits begun when the group transitioned to being a part-time ensemble in 2004, and embark on new endeavors.

That's why you shouldn't miss their two performances at Operadagen Rotterdam!

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A few words from Anonymous4 to you

When we got together one day in the spring of 1986 to read through some medieval chant and polyphony, we had absolutely no idea that we would be propelled onto a journey spanning over a thousand years of music and many years of our lives. At the end of that day, what we did know was this: we wanted to sing together more, and we wanted to try working as a leaderless group, a consensus organization.

The arguing started almost immediately! When we were about to sing in public for the first time, we had to come up with a name for ourselves. Susan proposed Anonymous4, a couple of us said NO!!!!, but the name stuck, and the rest is history... Thanks to a lot of hard work, the adventuresome programming of the first concert presenters and radio show hosts who were willing to take us on (among them Louise Basbas/Music Before 1800; John Schaefer/ New Sounds; Bob Davis/Millennium of Music), the readiness of Robina Young from harmonia mundi to take a risk with us... and then a lot more hard work from the members of Anonymous4, the wonderful folks at harmonia mundi, our longtime friends at Alliance Artist Management and Unfinished Side Productions (with whom we worked at Herbert Barrett Management before AAM was formed), and the many concert, festival, and radio presenters in North America and beyond who have hosted us over the years.

Now, more than 20 recordings, 49 states (we still haven't made it to South Dakota!), over three dozen other countries, and nearly 30 years later, it's almost time for us to bring Anonymous4's work to a close. Each of us looks forward to new projects and adventures, some already in motion, others as yet to be discovered. Meanwhile, we're terribly excited about the programs we'll be recording and touring together during the remainder of our time together.

We feel honored to know that Anonymous4's recordings and performances have been enjoyed by so many loyal fans, and that our music has helped certain of our listeners in deeply meaningful ways. We're also thrilled that our work has inspired the formation of other new ensembles, both amateur and professional; we're eager to watch as your paths unfold.