International Criminal Court Vice President attending The Tyrant

Cuno Tarfusser, the Italian vice president of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, is attending The Tyrant, part of the Operadagen Rotterdam, this evening.

He will be seeing the show because of his affinity with the moving and very current theme of the production: a despot who holds on to power despite everything, but then begins to waver little by little and becomes increasingly alienated from reality. Only by means of sounds and noises does he observe what is happening in his realm. Paranoia and madness lurk around the corner. Earlier this year, Mr. Tarfusser visited former dictator Charles Taylor in his cell in Botswana. Charles Taylor was due to be sentenced to 50 years in prison in The Hague today.

Secret tip
Artistic director Guy Coolen says, "My secret tip for the festival is The Tyrant at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg. This still unknown piece, sung by a fantastic singer, is a veritable feast for the eyes. The spectacular scenery includes a swimming pool and a rotating house. The piece is relevant to current events; the tyrant in Syria just keeps going further and further, but tonight we bring a strong indictment against all tyrants and within the space of an hour we show how contorted and lonely they are. Let's celebrate the downfall of the tyrant and in that way support the oppressed people of Syria. At the end of the performance, you can show what this top international production was worth to you by deciding how much you want to pay for your ticket. Hope to see you tonight!"

photo Franco Tutino

The Tyrant
The impressive chamber opera The Tyrant is inspired by Italian writer Italo Calvino's Un re in ascolto.The show revolves around the claustrophobic existence of a tyrant who will not leave his throne for fear of losing his power. He can only tell what is happening in his kingdom by means of sounds and noises. After years of exercising control, the despot begins to show signs of weakness and is overcome by doubt and fear. With the use of lots of visual effects, The Tyrant addresses a very topical subject.
Wednesday, 30 May, 8:15pm, Rotterdamse Schouwburg

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