Operadagen Rotterdam is approaching

The 12th edition of Operadagen Rotterdam takes place from 12 through 21 May. It is today's most important festival for opera and music theatre. The programme features more than 100 performances. The first six are hereby confirmed.

Come and see international productions of the highest quality, modern classics, and talked-about new work from 12 through 21 May. Rotterdam's major theatres as well as unusual locations (a fitness club, an old factory hall) will stage opera. We are proud to announce the first names on the programme: Diary of one who disappeared, L'Orfeo, Nachtschade: Aubergine, Freddie, Liebesleid, and Shorelines. See the provisional programme for additional information.

Festival theme: Lost & Found
Lost & Found is the connecting theme for Operadagen Rotterdam in the next four years. It revolves around the search for a new 'home'; in society as well as in the opera-and-music-theatre universe. Are we prepared to explore undiscovered territory? Will we arrive at our destination or get lost on the way? Should we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world or embrace the 'unknown other'? These burning questions are both topical and universal. Whether based on yesteryear's myths or on today's major migration stories they concern heroic journeys as people leave their familiar environments in order to cross real-life and/or symbolic boundaries and experience drastic changes in hopes of eventually (re)finding their homes.

The festival will revolve around this heroic saga in the near future.
2017: Departures
2018: Gateways
2019: Transformations
2020: Homecoming

Lost & Found extends to the content of the performances as well as the format. Classic operas from days long gone are rediscovered in contemporary adaptations at Operadagen Rotterdam while new music theatre performances will veer off the beaten track and head for exciting and unfamiliar horizons.

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