Professionals' & international network

Operadagen Rotterdam is a major opera and music theatre network. Professionals from around the world attend the festival. Operadagen Rotterdam develops its own programmes and/or collaborates with other festivals, groups, and organisations.

#ODR17 programs

Operatie Muziektheater
As part of Operatie Muziektheater international professionals are introduced to the important music theatre talent of today and tomorrow. Makers from the Netherlands and elsewhere present a raft of significant new works in the Ro Theater on 20 May.

Music theatre makers from all over the globe congregate for this celebratory Gala with performances by Belgian bands Dez Mona and B.O.X., the Ragazze Quartet, the young Dutch star soprano Nora Fischer, and others.

Professionals' programme
ODR offers a guided tour of the festival for international professionals. Please contact us via if you would like to participate.

The Professionals' programme is supported by Dutch Performing Arts, a programme of the Performing Arts Fund NL. Dutch Performing Arts promotes Dutch music, theatre and dance on the international stage.

International partners at #ODR17
Operadagen Rotterdam engages in collaborations with various international partners. A number of these organisations are at Operadagen Rotterdam 2017.

European Cultural Parliament
Operadagen Rotterdam 2017 is proud to host the European Cultural Parliament, which consists of prominent cultural practitioners from 43 European countries. It aims to strengthen a communal European culture and identity. There is a special focus on the theme of migration this year. Joost Eerdmans, deputy mayor of Rotterdam, will officially open the Parliament in the town hall's main reception room on 11 May when various keynote speakers will give a talk. Plenary sessions, workshops, and discussions will take place on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 May. Members will work on a communal resolution in several committees. The closing session of the European Cultural Parliament takes place in Het Nieuwe Instituut on Saturday afternoon (13 May).

We present a new edition of Classical:NEXT, the largest classical music conference in the world from 17 through 20 May.

Operadagen Rotterdam' s international network extends beyond the 10-day festival, a few of our international partners:

Beijing Music Festival
Operadagen Rotterdam is happy to announce a new partnership with the Beijing Music Festival (BMF) for "The Diary of one who Disappeared" and "La Voix Humaine". Founded in 1998, the Beijing Music Festival, a pivotal cultural institution, has become one of the world's leading music events. It presents around 25 classical music programmes in October every year, which offer a broad variety of performances including opera, orchestral, chamber, solo, choral, and jazz concerts. BMF also focuses on music education and community engagement. It stages free children's concerts and student concerts as well as master classes that draw a large number of music students, teachers, and spectators. It prides itself on presenting both western and Chinese music.

Festival Monte al Mare
Operadagen Rotterdam organises the first edition of the Monte al Mare festival in Servigliano from 14 through 17 September, together with several partners from the Italian province of Le Marche. The region was hit by devastating earthquakes in 2016 and Operadagen Rotterdam will use the festival proceeds to help fund a full-fledged festival edition at a future date. Singers at the 2017 festival include Claron McFadden and Nora Fischer.

Preview: Music Theatre NOW
Following the successful edition of 2016, Music Theatre NOW returns to Operadagen Rotterdam in 2019. Approximately 500 music theatre makers from over 50 countries take part in the international competition each year. The winners (15 to 20 groups) will present their work at Operadagen Rotterdam 2019. Music Theater Now is part of the International Theatre Institute (ITI).