Before I Die

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composition: Vincenzo Bellini & Giacomo Puccini
arrangements and composition: Lies Colman
text: Anna Maria Versloot
direction: Mart van Berckel
musical direction: Nele Delafonteyne
Norma: Laura Bohn
Butterfly: Astrid Stockman
De Man: Reinier Demeijer
design: Vera Selhorst
costumes: Dymph Boss
artistic coaching: Peter te Nuyl
ensemble: musici van I SOLISTI en Kameroperahuis
production: Kameroperahuis and I SOLISTI

Madama Butterfly and Norma; two unforgettable women from Bellini and Puccini's eponymous operas. Both heroines tragically died for love. Before I Die shows them in the liminal zone between life and death where they find themselves following their demise. The arias allow them to relive passionate love tragedies. Next, there is a confrontation with their former lover. How did it all go so wrong? And what about the other side of the story? An extraordinary and emotional music theatre production about love, sacrifice, and reconciliation! The up-and-coming talented Mart van Berckel has directed the performance.


€15,- (normal)
€10,- (CJP, Students, 18-, BankGiro Loterij VIP-KAART)

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