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concept: Stijn Grupping, Frederik Meulyzer, Ine Van Baelen
scenography: Reinout Hiel
choreography: Karolien Verlinden
costume design: Linse Van Gool
graphic design: Vildana Memic
production: Post uit Hessdalen
in coproduction with: Theater op de Markt en MiramirO
with support of: de Vlaamse Overheid, Provincie Antwerpen & Stad Antwerpen

PAKMAN is a dynamic performance without words for anyone over the age of five. Take part in an adventure with PAKMAN who lives at a faster pace than a mouse can click. He roams the country to deliver packages exactly on time. And there are a good few; 159,750 per year to be exact. Will PAKMAN be able to keep up with the rhythm of online orders? You will find out in the course of an exciting jam between a drummer and a juggler.

PAKMAN is staged in a small truck with room for just 25 people. This is a performance without words, so there is no language problem.


€8,- (normal)
€8,- (CJP, Students, 12-26)
€6,- (till 12)