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concept & creation: Liesbet Grupping, Stijn Grupping, Frederik Meulyzer, Ine Van Baelen en Lucas Van Haesbroeck
vocalist: Claron McFadden
voice: Geert van Rampelberg (Dutch) & Claron McFadden (English)
production: Post uit Hessdalen
management: Klein Verzet
coproduction: Muziektheater Transparant & Wintervuur festival
with support of:  de Vlaamse Overheid, Stad Antwerpen, Provincie Antwerpen

Poolnacht (Polar Night) is a cinematic and musical trip into endless spaces. The performance is a reflection of a real-life journey made by five artists into the most northerly area of Europe. The disorienting snow-covered landscape is visualised in Poolnacht. What is the meaning of time if the sun never rises? How do you find your way in utter darkness? The group Post uit Hessdalen searches for answers against an enchanting backdrop. Festival star soprano Claron McFadden adds fascinating experimental sounds to the performance. You can visit the English version of Polar Night at 17h00.


€15,- (normal)
€10,- (CJP, Students, 18-, BankGiro Loterij VIP-KAART)

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