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ensemble: Ragazze Quartet
composition: Oliver Coates
direction: Johs Armstrong
design: Christophe Coppens
light design: Nich Smith
production: Cryptic
co-production with: Ragazze Quartet
with the support of Fast Forward, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Performing Arts Fund NL; Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst & Kersjes Fonds
in collaboration with deSingel, Antwerp & Grand Theatre Groningen
photo: Charlie de Keersmaecker
images courtesy of: Watersnoodrampmuseum

Based on stories from the 1953 North Sea Flood, Shorelines is a theatrical music performance starring the critically acclaimed Ragazze Quartet. Combining haunting sound effects and augmented string playing with ethereal voices and visuals, it is a poignant reflection on the increasingly delicate relationship we have with the natural world.

After the worldpremier of Shorelines there will be a conversation with the makers about this production that was inspired by the North Sea Flood.


€17,50 (normal)
€10,- (CJP, Students, 18-)

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