Yuri-a workout opera

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performance, music & concept: Annelinde Bruijs, Loulou Hameleers, Suzanne Kipping, Robbert Klein, Gerty Van de Perre, Amir Vahidi en Sanna Elon Vrij
text: Tommy Ventevogel
direction: Mara van Vlijmen
production: Geertje Spaan
in coproduction with: Operadagen Rotterdam

CLUB GEWALT is Yuri. With a collective frequency of a dactylic hexameter, in 4 parts the CLUB gets in sync with The Lord of the Rings. CLUB GEWALT sniffs magnesium, climbs on a pedestal, jumps and climbs up to the rings again. As an Icarus with a death wish and inspired by an Olympic ambition.


€15,- (normal)
€10,- (CJP, Students, 18-)

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