Winners Music Theatre NOW

Winners MTN Competition 2015

"450 works, with participants from 55 countries, were submitted for Music Theatre NOW this year. We have selected as our finalists 14 compelling, exciting, top quality works from amongst dozens of intriguing contenders.
Over and above our 14 finalists, we have chosen 4 works from different parts of the global community that demonstrate vital and fascinating explorations in this emerging and growing artistic form. We are delighted to include these socio-cultural approaches into the upcoming discussions at the Music Theatre NOW meeting in Rotterdam next May." - MTN Jury Statement 2015

The following works (in no particular order) were selected by the jury for presentation in Rotterdam at Music Theatre NOW 2016.

And the winners are:

Serie Opera III - Salomé
Composer / Stage Director: Christian Garcia-Gaucher (Switzerland)
Stage Design: Sven Kreter (Brasil)
Costume: Marion Montel (France)
Dramaturgy: Sébastien Grosset (Switzerland)
Commissioner: City of Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia, Artephila, SIS

Два акта
Two Acts
Composer / Stage Director: Владимир Раннев / Vladimir Rannev (Russia)
Libretto: Дмитрий Пригов / Dmitry Prigov (Russia)
Producing Organisation: The State Hermitage Museum (Russia)

L.I. | Lingua Imperii - violenta la forza del morso che la ammutoliva
L.I. | Lingua Imperii - so violent was the force that struck it dumb
Stage Director / Video: Simone Derai (Italy)
Music / Text / Performance: Paola Dallan (Italy)
Music / Sound: Mauro Martinuz (Italy)
Video / Performance: Marco Menegoni (Italy)
Producing Organisation: Anagoor (Italy)

Invisible Cities
Composer: Christopher Cerrone (USA)
Stage Director: Yuval Sharon (USA)
Musical Director: Marc Lowenstein (USA)
Stage Design: E.B. Brooks (USA)
Choreographer: Danielle Agami (USA)
Producing Organisation: The Industry

Coup Fatal
Music: Serge Kakudji (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Music: Rodriguez Vangama (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Music: Fabrizio Cassol (Belgium)
Stage Director: Alain Platel
Producing Organisation: les ballets C de la B & KVS

Composer: Steffen Wick (Germany)
Stage Director: Axel Tangerding (Germany)
Text: Norbert Niemann (Germany)
Stage Design: Marc Thurow (Germany)
Costume: Gudrun Hanke (Germany)
Video: Stefano di Buduo (Germany)
Dramaturgy: Dr. Gabi Sabo (Germany)
Producing Organisation: Meta Theater Munich

Music: An Pierlé (Belgium)
Music: Fulco Ottervanger (Belgium)
Stage Director / Video: Nathalie Teirlinck (Belgium
Stage Design: Ruimtevaarders (Belgium)
Costume: Vanessa Evrard (Belgium)
Camera: Rik Zang (Belgium)
Producing Organisation: Zonzo Compagnie

Private View
Composer: Annelies Van Parys (Belgium)
Stage Director / Dramaturgy: Tom Creed (Ireland)
Text: Jen Hadfield (United Kingdom)
Musical Director: Etienne Siebens (Belgium)
Stage Design / Video:Collective 33 1/3 (The Netherlands)
Producing Organisation: Muziektheater Transparant

Paradise Interrupted
Composer: Huang Ruo (China)
Stage Director: Jennifer Wen Ma (China)
Text: Ji Chao (China)
Stage Design: Matthew J Hilyard (USA)
Costume: Melissa Kirgan (USA)
Costume: Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard (Taiwan)
Video: Guillermo Acevedo (USA)
Choreographer: Gwen Welliver (USA)
Producing Organisation: Spoleto Festival USA

Il Ballo delle Ingrate
Stage Director / Music / Video: Letizia Renzini (Italy)
Text / Performance: Theodora Delavault (france / USA)
Choreographer: Marina Giovannini (Italy)
Producing Organisation: Musicus Concentus (ITA)

The Queen with no Land
Composer / Musical Director: Wim Henderickx (Belgium)
Stage Director / Video: Wouter Van Looy (Belgium)
Text: Paul Verrept (Belgium)
Stage Design: Freija Van Esbroeck (Belgium)
Costume: Johanna Trudzinski (Germany)
Producing Organisation: Muziektheater Transparant

The Source
Composer: Ted Hearne (USA)
Stage Director / Video: Daniel Fish (USA)
Text: Mark Doten (USA)
Stage Design / Video: Jim Findlay (USA)
Producing Organisation: : Beth Morrison Projects

Wide Slumber
Composer: Valgeir Sigurðsson (Iceland)
Stage Director: Sara Martí (Iceland)
Text: a. rawlings (Iceland / Canada)
Text / Dramaturgy: Sigríður Sunna Reynisdóttir (Iceland)
Stage Design: Eva Signý Berger (Iceland)
Costume: Harpa Einarsdóttir (Iceland)
Video / Light: Ingi Bekk (Iceland)
Choreographer: Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir (Iceland)
Producing Organisation: VaVaVoom Theatre and Bedroom Community

Shifting Ground
Sound Design: Nigel Brown (Australia)
Performer / Video / Concept: Zoe Scoglio (Australia)
Interaction Design: Chris Heywood (Australia)
Prop Design: Zoe Stuart (Australia)

The following works (in no particular order) were selected by the jury for special mention at Music Theatre NOW 2016.

You Are My Loneliness
Stage Director: Zhou Xiaoqian (China)
Text: Nick Yu (China)
Musical Director: Zhao Guang (China)
Stage Design: Jiao Ran (China)
Costume: Dong Guiying (China)
Choreographer: Jiang Fan (China)
Producing Organisation: Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre

Cachafaz, tragedia bárbara
Cachafaz, Barbaric Tragedy
Composer: Oscar Strasnoy (Argentina)
Stage Director: Pablo Maritano (Argentina)
Musical Director: Pierre Roullier (Argentina)
Stage Design: Andrea Mercado (Argentina)
Costume: María Emilia Tambutti (Argentina)
Producing Organisation: Ciclo de Conciertos de Música Contemporánea del Teatro San
Martín (Contemporary Music Festival of Teatro San Martín) - Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires

Comfort Ye
Composer: Catherine Milliken (Australia / Germany)
Stage Director / Text: Robert Lehmeier (Germany)
Musical Director: Warwick Stengards (Australia / Sweden / Austria)
Producing Organisation: Umculo

Xochicuicatl cuecuechtli
Ribald Flowersong
Composer / Text / Stage Director: Gabriel Pareyon (Mexico)
Musical Director: Jose Navarro-Noriega (Mexico)
Stage Design: Enid Negrete (Mexico)
Producing Organisation: CONACULTA - FONCA
Production Coordinator: Laura Figueroa