Tijd voor toelichting en verdieping. Ontmoet de mensen achter de voorstellingen en verrijk je kijkervaring met exclusieve achtergrondinformatie.
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Operadagen Rotterdam gebruikt haar stad als podium én decor. Veel voorstellingen zijn op onalledaagse en onontdekte locaties in de stad: pleinen, woonkamers, kerken, een oude wasserij, winkels, bovenop de Bijenkorf en zelfs een fitnesscentrum.

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Operation Music Theatre

In 2019, Operation Music Theatre (Operatie Muziektheater, OMT) took place on Tuesday 21st May. The date of Operation Music Theatre in 2020 will be announced as soon as possible. This is the network meeting in the Netherlands for all stakeholders in the field of music theatre both in the Netherlands and abroad. Here, music theatre makers can present their latest work and get acquainted with programmers and other makers from all over the world.

For makers and programmers

Makers can forge new links with international programmers and other professionals at OMT. It provides opportunities to ask for advice or increase the chance of staging performance in venues and at festivals around the world. Programmers can meet today’s and tomorrow’s promising music theatre talents during OMT or view a selection of the most compelling new music theatre works in the course of a single day.


The enrollment for the upcoming edition is closed.


In 2019, OMT took place in Kriterion in Het Groot Handelsgebouw Rotterdam. One of the biggest buildings of Rotterdam, next to the station, which is UNESCO heritage. The OMT programme will allow makers pitching their work as well as speed dates between other makers and international programmers. It concludes with presentations by international players in the field.

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The pitching takes place during two one-hour blocks. Every maker gets a three minute slot and they may use projections, sound, singing (live) and/or music (acoustic) to support their pitch.

Speed dates

Once the pitching is done, the makers will get the opportunity to speed date with different international programmers of their choice. Both parties look deep into each other’s eyes for a maximum of five minutes. What is it that a programmer seeks? And is the maker’s work a good match?

Enrolment speed dates
Makers who are pitching their project will be the first to get the opportunity to sign up for the speed dates. All other participants can subsequently enroll.

Any queries?

Send an email to Rick Mouwen,

Operation Music Theatre has (partly) been made possible by Dutch Performing Arts, a programme set up by the Performing Arts Fund NL with the aim to increase the visibility of the Dutch performing arts outside the Netherlands.